Fredericton Senior Royals Baseball

Former Royal 2nd Baseman Joins Coaching Staff …….

Royals Baseball is happy to announce that Paul Hornibrook – a former Royal second baseman and teammate of Matt Stairs has been added to the coaching staff for the 2013 season.  Hornibrook is well known as a very technically sound instructor who preaches hard work and practicing the fundamentals of the game.

Royals general manager Jody Peterson had high praise for the new coach.

“Paul has tremendous baseball knowledge – and is a welcome addition to the program.  To be able to add a former player, who has devoted so much of his life to studying the game can only help us to get better.  We feel like we are so very close each year to winning a National Gold medal – often falling short on a minor detail – a failed execution, or misplay at the wrong time.  Paul is excellent at the little things, the finer points that we can sometimes over look.  He’s going to be  a great addition.”